Why Greens Keeper lawn and tree care professionals...
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Why Greens Keeper lawn and tree care professionals are the best choice for your lawn

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A beautiful lawn can really be a wonderful accent to a home’s curb appeal, and healthy trees can last for years. While it can be tempting to try to prune trees and take care of lawn issues by yourself, often you can run into more problems that will require an expert to take care of, costing you time, money, and effort. Choosing an expert from Greens Keeper in Kingston, Ontario can help you avoid costly mistakes and keep your lawn and trees healthy for years to come.

The trained professionals at Greens Keeper are carefully educated and trained in how to properly care for trees and lawns. Whether it’s weed control with a provincially-mandated weed killer, or pruning an overgrown tree in a safe and efficient manner, their experts are trained by the Ministry of the Environment and are very knowledgeable about different trees and species of plants in order to keep your lawn and garden healthy. When it comes to disease control and prevention, they can help to stop an infection before it starts.

Greens Keeper uses the right equipment for the job to carefully prune and clean up trees and stumps in your yard. Their staff are regularly trained on how to use it, and staff and equipment are commercially and WISB insured to keep everyone safe. Staff can prune trees and remove stubborn plants in a way that is beneficial to your property and prevents problems in the future. Unfortunately, doing it yourself may not offer these benefits, and may actually cause accidents or issues down the road.

Give Greens Keeper a call today to ensure that your lawn and tree care is done with the utmost efficiency and economy, as well as safety.

For more information about Greens Keeper in Kingston, visit their website. You can also call them at 1-877-862-6261. All of their services are commercially and WISB insured to keep you, and their experts, safe. Greens Keeper is on Facebook.

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